Sound provides the information, and the mind paints the pictures.
Stories through sonic sculpture - poignant, ironic, humorous, dramatic, expressive voices, music and sound effects - luring the imagination.

Horrie McMockle - Roving Reporter
An episode from a series of satirical radio plays tracing the adventures of interpid roving newspaper reporter, Horrie McMockle.
Voices: David Erskine, Anne Simmons, Wayne Anthoney, Sue Oldknow.
Written and produced by David Erskine. Broadcast on community radio.

The Un-Becoming of Eric Michaels
A story in soundscape, based on the writings of contoversial American anthropolist Eric Michaels. Dying of AIDS in the Royal Brisbane Hospital, he reflects on his work in remote Australian aboriginal communities and his longing for his hometown New York. Voices: Doug Leonard, Hilary O'Neill, David Erskine. Harp: Hilary O'Neill, Digeridu: Stephen Goldsmith. Written by Doug Leonard. Produced by David Erskine for ABC radio.

The Adventures of Johnny Manory
Episode-1 of The Adventures of Johnny Manory - an Audio Book for children.
Voices: David Erskine and Hilary O'Neill
Produced by David Erskine.

Radio Stretches the Imagination
Written for the national radio campaign: Radio-Stretches-The-Imagination, this piece is inspired by Francoise Sagan's autobiography "Toxique". Voices: Ria Willering, Tom Bates, David Erskine. Recorded at Bill Armstrong Studios, Melbourne. Broadcast on commercial radio.