Memories don't have to fade...
Tape media is old technology now - vulnerable to damage and quality loss.

Have your audio cassettes, vinyl records or reel-to-reel tapes converted to easy-to-use, easy-to-store CD or MP3 format. Whether its your favourite music album, family memiors or other special recordings, SoundArt has the expertise and specialised equipment to preserve your treasured audio memories. And remember: once in the digital domain, the quality won't degrade over time.
Additional services: Cover and label design and printing. Audio Restorarion. This includes removal of hiss, pop, hum and background noise. Conversion of ADAT multitrack to any format (WAV, AIFF etc).

Favourite movies, weddings, family gatherings, holidays, or your own creative film projects - convert your videos to safe, convenient, easy-to-store digital format on either DVD or USB stick. We convert the following formats: VHS, Mini-DV, and Video-8.